Strategic Planning



MAP International


This customized 1 ½ day program provides the client company a road map as it prepares for the future.


The company’s key management team, facilitated by a MAP executive coach, builds, from the ground up, a comprehensive go forward strategic business plan, including:


  • Company vision

  • Mission statement

  • Environmental analysis– (SWOT) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats–yours and your competitors.

  • Organization—Review of structure and personnel.

  • Goals (quantifiable)

  • Strategies—to support each goal.

  • Tactics—specific action steps, identify who is responsible and when it is to be completed.

  • Quarterly follow-up—to make adjustments, as the changing company environment may dictate, and to ensure successful plan implementation.


Contact MAP today, to discuss how the MAP Strategic Planning Process can be a vital step forward for your company and to schedule a Strategic Planning Session.