Management Development & Individual Executive Coaching



MAP International



A 90-day management development and individual coaching process designed for individuals who want to improve their skill and ability at getting things done through others and achieve a better balance in their professional/personal lives. The MAP 90-day, 2 and one half days off site, 7 step process, is a proven success program in helping managers achieve increased productivity for themselves and their team and measurable results for their organization.


MAP provides a step by step process for focusing on goals, setting action plans to achieve these goals and a time line with follow-up, to assure accountability and positive results. Each participant gains an increased understanding of themselves and others and, with the help of a MAP executive coach, develops a specific action plan to improve their interpersonal effectiveness.


MAP executive coach provides one on one guidance to each participant, during the 90-day process, to ensure process understanding and goals achievement. The participant attends a 2 day very interactive Planning Session with 6 to 10 other managers, normally all from different companies, and then completes the 90 Day Process with a one half day Planning Session. During the one half day Planning Session each participant reports on the success of their business and personal goals, set during the 2 day Planning Session, has an opportunity for clarification of any of the management tools presented during the first Planning Session, participates in a review of the key material covered during the entire 90-Day Process and receives guidance in setting new 1 to 3 year business and personal goals.


All Planning Session facilitators (executive coaches) are current or former company CEO’s.


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