Helping companies improve their operating performance

and maximize their market value


MAP helps companies improve their cash flow, their bottom line and increase their market value.


MAP helps managers improve their skill and ability at getting things done through others.


MAP helps growing entrepreneurial companies transition to a professionally

managed business.


MAP helps companies answer consulting guru Peter Drucker’s 5 questions:


  •  What is our mission
  •  Who is our customer
  •  What does the customer value
  •  What are our results
  •  What is our plan



Contact us today and let MAP get started, working with you, in helping you achieve your vision, goals, improving your operating performance and increasing your market value.


Success Story


MAP has been my business partner for the past two years. During that time they have provided valuable input in many areas—cash flow, productivity, sales, marketing, planning and more.


Their expertise in identifying key problems/opportunities, developing action plans and implementation support, has been of great value to our company.


Helen Bouldin, Owner and President,

The Luxury of Leather




MAP International